Friday, 7 April 2017

Happy Easter

I would like to wish everyone a wonderful Easter. We all return to school on Monday 24th April 2017. I look forward to seeing all our students for the summer term.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

We are a Disability Confident Leader!

The Disability Confident scheme aims to help employers make the most of the opportunities provided by employing disabled people. It has been developed by employers and disabled people’s representatives.

The Disability Confident scheme has 3 levels that have been designed to support you on your Disability Confident journey. Employers must complete each level before moving on to the next.

I am very proud to inform you that The Castle School have joined an elite group of only 25 organisations who have achieved Disability Confident Leader level 3.

Our World of Work program has been pivotal in helping us achieve this award.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

We are a Rights Respecting School!

I am very proud to inform everyone that we have been awarded our Level 1 Rights Respecting Schools Award. This is wonderful news and recognises our hard work over the past three years. The award demonstrates the unwavering commitment that staff, pupils, governors and the community of The Castle School have for the rights of every child. This is just a start and we will continue to passionately ensure that every child in our school community continues to have the rights that they should expect and build on our influence outside of our school community to push for rights for all children.

Easter Chicks at The Castle

As part of our Science curriculum we have some hatching chick in school. At the time of writing their are 4 hatched and several eggs ready to go. You can watch a live-feed of the chicks by clicking the here

Once the chicks are ready they will go from the incubator into other cages and take visits to our classrooms so that pupils can learn more about them, feed them and look after them.

After two weeks the chicks are collected and rehomed.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Boccia Tournament

On Wednesday last week, Christine and I had the pleasure of accompanying Kyle, Gareth, Amy, Sam, Troy and Aiden to Berkshire School Games at Bisham Abbey to play Boccia. Sam and Aiden had only practised twice before and Troy just the once, but this by no means stopped the enthusiasm and excitement of representing ‘The Castle School’.

Boccia is a precision ball sport, related to bowls and p├ętanque, where the aim of the game is to get as many of your teams balls closest to the jack. There was 4 ends in each game.

We had two teams, secondary and primary and played several matches against different teams. Both teams played well and their sportsmanship was beyond compare, with them being the first to congratulate the other team or commend them for their skilful shots. We learnt some new rules that had us all flummoxed to start with, so when we got together as a team, we shared techniques. Both teams got through to the final 4 and played off for the bronze medal, primary house were successful and secondary house narrowly missed out. We then had to wait for our medals, and there was a lot of tension in the room, whether we had actually won the bronze. When the bronze medal was announced the cheers were deafening and the boys could not believe their luck.

I was honoured to take you all and thank you for being so amazing. Thank you too Christine for your expert chauffeuring skills, hope the ‘I spy’ was not too annoying?

Jo (Skipton Class Teacher)

The Castle School Catering Team do it again!

Our students did an amazing job again with their catering. This time, providing food and refreshments for a Christening.

Jan Vaughan, who is the organiser behind the catering team said "Well what can I say, I have never seen so many people work so hard,  and this was to help us achieve the amazing results for Saturday."

"Not only did our young people volunteer to cook and prepare for the Christening, during the day they also dressed each plate and the whole table, they also set up a refreshment area too."

"When the guests arrived our Hospitality team made sure that Atul [the baby's granddad] had all the support he needed, our team had a break and then returned to help clear away glasses, crockery and maintain a tidy buffet area. Our team used their own initiative to navigate and clear any excess, they also helped Atul's guests in a very professional manner. Some guests shook their hands and praised them directly, they were so proud!  Their dedication and commitment during this event was unmeasurable."

Some of the questions we were asked!

"How long have you all been doing this"

We had great pleasure informing them that this is the second time that we have catered within the community.

"Well you would think that you have been doing it for ages"

"Your food is so amazing "

"Please can I shake your hands"

"Do you do corporate catering

I would like to thank the following staff and students for their commitment and hard work preparing and delivering this catering event:

Thursday Staff, Lynn Star, Gill Foster, Briony Vaughan, Sharon Giles and Jan Vaughan

Thursday students, Danny, Tyrell, Oliver, Laura, Rodney, Bradley and Alisha

Fridays Staff, Briony Vaughan, Liz Magurn, Gill Foster and Jan Vaughan

Fridays students, Esmee, Bradley, Danny and Alisha

Saturdays Team Hannah Daniel, Briony Vaughan, Jan Vaughan, Bradley, Tyrell, Ricky and Christopher

Friday, 24 March 2017

Amazing Design and Technology

Colchester Class have been working on their design and technology at Kennet School this term. Here are the wonderful moving carousels that they have build. Well done guys!