Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Collaborative PE

Corfe and Skipton Classes worked together to make letters with their bodies. It was fabulous to see them think about how the letters looked and how they needed to make sure they were lying straight.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Victoria Park Celebration

On Friday last week, our amazing pupils and staff all gathered together at Victoria Park Bandstand to hear music performed by our pupils. It was a wonderful occasion which was enjoyed by all. Here are a selection of photos of the superb event. We hope to have one again so we can invite parents to enjoy the fun.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Castle at The Special Olympics

We had a Post -16 team of 8 - Nathan, Chris, Justin, Bradley, Ryan, Esme, John and Tyrell who all competed well and showed great determination and spirit.

Results for our superstars were:

Nathan - 200m (div 3) - Bronze

                              - 100m (div 2) - Silver

Chris     - 200m ( div 4 ) - 4th

                               - 100m ( div 9) - 5th

Justin  - 200m ( div 4 ) -5th

                            - 100m ( div 10) - 4th

Bradley  - 200m( div 5) - Gold

                            - 100m ( div 3) - 4th

Ryan  - 200m ( div 6) - Bronze

                      - 100m ( div 13) - 6th

Esme - 50m (div 3) - Gold

                           Softball throw ( div 3 ) - Gold

John - 200m ( div 3) - Gold

                     - 100m ( div 8 ) - Gold

Tyrell  - 100m ( div 12) - 4th

                         - Long jump ( div 5 ) - Bronze

RELAY TEAM - 4x100m  Justin, Tyrell, Bradley and Ryan - Silver

Very proud of them and again this time, excellent behaviour. It was a pleasure  to take them and watch them compete to the best of their ability.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

More Punch and Judy fun

Skipton Class had great fun this afternoon with the Punch and Judy box and thought my interpretation of Punch and Judy was hysterical. Louise and Connor were especially amused. We learnt all about the history behind Punch and Judy and that it dated back over 350 years and that Samuel Pepys wrote about it in his diary.

Tintagel's fantastic week!

Tintagel class had a simply amazing time last week doing lots of exciting and enriching activities. Here are the highlights:

On Tuesday we visited Mudeford. We spent a long time catching crabs and ended up with 5 buckets full of them.  Some people were also very brave (and careful) and held the crabs. We also took a trip on the ferry and enjoyed time exploring the sandy beach.

On Wednesday we went to Laser Quest. The class got very competitive (including the staff)! We also went to Thatcham Discovery Centre. We had a picnic lunch, fed the ducks and located another Geocache whilst on a walk around the lake.

On Thursday we visited Thorpe Park. It was a great day and lots of students overcame their fears of highs, speed and water by riding some of the more challenging rides.

On the final day we visited the driving range and went bowling. Both these activities required coordination and concentration. Lots of the students had to persevere and got better at both activities. Joe also proved to be an excellent teacher by helping Liz to improve her bowling technique.

Friday, 9 June 2017

John Lewis Tokens - help us raise some money

Exciting news: The Castle School has been chosen as one of the three organisations to benefit from the current John Lewis "Community Matters" initiative.

This is where John Lewis donate £3,000 to three local organisations, with the money shared out according to how customers vote in-store . 

You have probably seen the voting bins in John Lewis. Customers are given a green token when they make a purchase and use them to choose which local organisation they would want to support, by dropping them in the appropriate container when leaving the store.

Our campaign will start in the next few days, and will be featured until the end of July.

So if you are thinking of making a purchase in John Lewis Home in Newbury over the next few weeks, this is your chance to vote for the Castle School and get us the biggest possible share of the £3000!!!

Thanks you :-)

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Amazing riding success

Two of our students, Chloe and Sam, entered a riding competition on Sunday in Windsor and did so incredibly well. Chloe came first in Dressage and second in the Country Challenge. Sam came first in Country Challenge and fifth in Dressage. This means they have both qualified for the county championships in Gloucestershire in July!! Well done guys - we are all so proud of what you have achieved.